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Sherry's Midnyte Hour Interview


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Ain’t That Love
Blaque Milk Productions single: Available for free download in July 2012


Want to know why some of the most respected names in UK soul are throwing their support behind impressive new vocalist and songwriter Sherry Davis? Her debut single, the Omar-produced Ain’t That Love provides a first part of the answer: the self-penned tune is not only the most haunting song you’ll hear all summer, but it also introduces the wider public to one of the best kept secrets of London’s underground live circuit. Sherry Davis is a songstress of rare quality and unmistakable character – the kind you don’t forget, once encountered.
You’re about to hear a lot more of her. Sherry is already hard at work on her first EP, collaborating not only with said soul don Omar, but with several other top writer/producers on the soul music scene. So far the list includes Steve Chrisanthou and John Beck, the Grammy nominated production duo behind Corrine Bailey Rae, Incognito leader Bluey Maunick, hit songwriter Tim Hutton (Prodigy, Groove Armada) and LA based hit making producer Gregg Pagani (Charlie Wilson, LeAnn Rimes). The truly arresting thing about Sherry Davis is that she hasn’t sought to cop any of the major pop/R&B/soul divas for style. She freely admits to being a massive Mariah Carey fan… but that’s as deep as the link goes. Her mum’s played her a lot of Diana Ross over the years too, for that matter. And you can detect some gospel roots anchoring nearly everything that Sherry does. Yet this is unquestionably about a long-term career in the making, not the dreams of the latest X Factor wannabe. You’ll notice, maybe, touches of Niecy Williams’ mid-range in there somewhere, perhaps a little of Syreeta Wright’s vulnerability, and possibly a touch of Alicia Keys’ sass. In the end the Sherry Davis sound is all her own.

How would you describe your sound and who influences you? My day I'll think of a gorgeous phrase to sum this up, for now I would say bohemian soul. A retro soul vibe with blues influences.

Who influences me? I love the powerhouse vocals of Mariah and Whitney, the grit and drama of Michael Jackson and Tina Turner, the loveliness of Jill Scott, Diana Ross and Corrine Bailey Rae, the soulfulness of Stevie Wonder and D'Angelo. I have a whole range of of the modern artists I'm into right now are Frank Ocean (I am obsessed)! I just love how his lyrics paint a picture of what he's seeing. Everything he does is so matter-of-fact and it's refreshing. But in my heart of hearts I am into old school soul.

Craig Charles or Ray Charles? Both!

What's your favourte venue played so far? My favourite venues to play in so far are the Jazz Cafe, because of the gorgeous Steinway grand piano and the prestige of it, and my fave intimate venue is Freedom in Soho. The engineer Jimmy is a magician with the sound and there's so much love and warmth in that place.

Complete the following: This time next year .... 
This time next year I will still be doing what I love - Music! And eating chicken wings

John Travolta or John Meyer? John Travolta

What's up next for you? 
Aint That Love is due for a free download in July, after that I will be working on my EP and planning nationwide tour of Caffe Nero.

Georgie Fame, Georgie Best or Geordie Shore? Geordie Shore because I wanna collect the fake eyelashes of the female cast and furnish the bald people of the world with hair. Aint gonna lie, Geordie Shore is my guilty pleasure (don't tell no-one)!

The Wrap Up
To wrap up I just wanna say thanks to everyone who is supporting Aint That Love. And thanks Midnyte Hour : ) Peace x


  1. Hey Sherry thanks so much for the interview & good luck with evrything - 'Ain't that love x'
  2. Very nice Interview Midnyte Hour and Sherry. Can't wait for the Cafe Nero Tour x

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