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Sherry Davis Interview with Showoff Your music

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 Sherry Davis
Talented simply does not sum up the UK's  hottest new soul singer Sherry Davis. Here at showoffyourmusic we got the chance to catch up with the songstress. This young lady is set to take the music world by storm with her brand new single "Aint that love". Soooooo to get to know Sherry Davis a little bit more check out this interview.

1) Hi sherry, Your vocals are amazing, how long have you been singing?
Thank you! I started singing in my teens, growing up in the church. It was a good experience to grow as a singer and performer there, because it's not about the outward performance, it's about singing from the heart, and aiming to stir people's emotions. From there I went into a solo career doing soul music, which is a lot of fun : )

2) Can you describe  yourself as an artist?
I'm a singer/songwriter/pianist hailing from South East London! Peckham if you want specifics!

3) Can you describe your sound?
Soulful. It's hard to categorise the type of soul because my influences go beyond soul. I also love classical music, funk, rock...and when I'm in the studio I always try to fuse the different genres. A lot of artists don't enjoy defining their sound, I don't mind but I honestly find it hard to describe! I guess you could call it bohemian soul. Or just listen and make up your own mind, I guess. Aint That Love is very much old school, cinematic soul. 

4) Its hard to compare you to anyone which shows your originality, who are your influences?
I have loads! My vocal influences are Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Yolanda Adams, Michael terms of writing and production I would say my influences are more down the 70's retro route, Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner...I could really bore you.. I also like modern artists with retro roots, Amy Winehouse, Nikka Costa, Joss Stone and Corrine Bailey Rae. 

5) If you had to be any other artist who would it be and why?
Oh this is hard. I would be a 70's Diana Ross because she's fabulous and reminds me of my mum!

6) Would you ever audition for the Voice or Xfactor?
Nope! I'm signed so I can't anyway. I know of some people that recently did The Voice, Jaz Ellington and Ruth Brown and was very proud to see them get so far. They were flying the flag for black soul artists, it was fantastic! It takes a lot of nerve to get up in front of judges and cameras and the general public, and no matter how good you think you are, it could go either way. I know great singers who have auditioned for these shows and got slated, and it's damaging. If a judge slates you, then loads of people in the public will jump on twitter and get on the hater bandwagon. It's a risk. At this point I don't think I'd like to do something like that. It's more like a popularity contest. But I wouldn't discourage anyone because if you do well, it can be life changing. 

7) Your debut single, "Aint that love" is very smooth and sophisticated, is this the main theme for future material?
Thanks! I was very lucky to get Omar on the production for this tune. I adore his sound and I've been a fan since I was a kid. He's a really down to earth guy and uber talented. The music I'm working on now is a slight departure from the classic soul sound of Aint That Love, which I recorded a year ago. There's more of a 70's retro feel going on. I'm working with a load of fab producers, Tim Hutton, who wrote Omen for Prodigy, Steve Chrisanthou and John Beck who did Corrine Bailey Rae's stuff, All About She who work with Tinie Tempah, so I would say my new stuff contains more grit and drama. My life has changed so much over the past year, and this reflects in my new material. I'm working on my EP which is due for release in a few months.

8) Can you finish of the sentence?.If you will love my new single
If you like music from the soul you will love my new single!

9) Tell me something your fans don't yet know about you.
I'm a mad scientist in the kitchen! I'll read recipes on the net and just improvise. This american site I went to today suggested using beer for fried chicken batter. The closest thing I had to beer was wray and nephew rum, so I splashed that in, did a triple dip batter, fried the chicken, then made hot sauce with Econa and balsamic glaze and honey. It was goooood : )

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