Monday, 18 October 2010

Interview with Sherry Davis part three

Continuing my interview with Sherry Davis, she has her first single "Ain't That love "  out now on ITunes and Amazon.
In part one we discussed Music, in part two we explored X Factor and Favourite things. In Part Three we explore Fashion and Beauty

What style would best descibe your usual taste in clothing?
SD: It's a mix of urban and babydoll, I love retro designs, shabby chic stuff, anything that's girly and feminine and colourful. Then I throw in a bit of bling for good measure.

Do you ever buy clothes from 2nd hand shops/car boots fairs to get your retro look?
SD: I got an amazing belt from a charity shop but I don't usually shop there. They rarely have my size!

What high street Fashion shops do you like to visit the most ?
SD: Miss Selfridge, Jane Norman, Muse, Lipsy (I worship Lipsy)

What make up and perfume are your favourites?
SD: For make up I use loads of different brands:

My foundation is Bobbi Brown, 
My lip gloss is Clinique, 
My Concealer is Mac, 
My Eyeshadow is Rimmel or Bobbi Brown, and I like Barry M for eye makeup.
My fave perfurme at the moment is D&G L'Imperatrice

What shoe designer do you like?
SD: I'm not a big shoe person and it feels like a chore to shop for shoes, it sounds weird I know! As long as it's affordable I'll get them from anywhere.

So if your not into designer shoes , what style of shoe do you prefer ?
SD: Comfortable ones! I love ballet pumps and only do heels if I really, really have to and if it doesn't involve walking more than 20 metres. Who wants to endure pain and bunions? Not me!

Thanks for for all the answers Sherry !
Thats the end of the third Session of Questions , more questions will be answered soon and if you have any questions for Sherry please send them to me @TeamSherryDavis

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