Friday, 22 October 2010

Interview with Sherry Davis part four

Continuing my interview with Sherry Davis, her first single "Ain't That love "  is out now on ITunes and Amazon.
In part one we discussed Music, in part two we explored X Factor and Favourite things. In part three we explored Fashion and Beauty. 
Now we have a miscellaneous collection of questions !

You said you wanted to get into a Dance class one day , do you follow any exercise routine , jogging , gym , yoga. long walks?
SD: I admit with shame that I don't do excercise of any kind. I always mean to get around to it, and once in a while I'll drag myself to Pineapple Dance studios for a class.

I see from your Tweets that you enjoy experimenting whilst cooking , what is your "Signature" dish and do you have a secret recipe to share with us?
SD: When I have time to get into cooking (which is almost never) I like to do a roast. One day you might convince me to divulge one of my secret recipes : )

Are you into gaming at all on Computer or XBox ?
SD: Not really, I do like Mario Kart but that's about it.

Back to music , have you played the piano since you were young?
SD: I started learning piano when I was 10 in school, then played for a bit in the church. Last year I took a Contemporary Jazz Piano course at Goldsmiths Uni which was cool.

Do you play any other instruments ?
SD: I played the sax when I was young, I might pick it up again!

Are your parents musical ?
SD:  My dad played the bass a bit and my little brother played the french horn in primary school but my family are not super musical, there are no other musicians in my family.

Where were you born ?
SD: Born and raised in PeckNAM hehe

Thanks for for all the answers Sherry !
Thats the end of the fourth  Session of Questions , more questions will be answered soon and if you have any questions for Sherry please send them to me @TeamSherryDavis

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