Monday, 11 October 2010

Interview with Sherry Davis part two

Continuing my  interview with Sherry Davis, as she has her first single "Ain't That love " now out on ITunes and Amazon.
Music was the obvious place to start asking questions of Sherry in part one, in part two we explore the X Factor and then on to gather more insight into Sherry's world to find out some of her Favourite things.

In part one you said you knew someone in the final 12 on the XFactor, Can you say who is it you know ?
SD : John Adeleye and he got through, yay!

Thats great I hope he goes far ! Who are your other favourites on the X Factor ?
SD: I like Cher Lloyd, she's very quirky but I say bring back Gamu!

Now some "Get to know you" questions about your Favourite things:

What are your favourite books ?
SD: I love Sophie Kinsella, Oscar Wilde and Khaled Hosseni books

Whats your favourite food and drink ?
SD: Chicken wings, prawns, salads, mint tea and freshly squeezed juice (I'm a fussy eater)!

Whats your favourite Ice Cream Flavour ?
SD: Haagen Dasz Pralines and Cream. That and some apple crumble makes the perfect dessert : )

Whats your favourite holiday destination ?
SD: Mexico, the beaches and resorts are amazing and the people are lovely.

Where would you like to travel too anywhere in the world the most ?
SD: I've never travelled to the far east so it would be great to go there.

Who are your favourite Top 5 movie stars ?
SD: Will Smith (my fave), Leonardo DiCaprio (the heart throb of all mankind) Judi Dench, Halle Berry and Morgan Freeman

What are your favourite top 5 Films ?
SD:The Importance of Being Earnest, Remember The Titans, The Colour Purple, Shawshank Redemption, The Notebook

If you had the chance of acting 'Singing in a film , which movie genre would you love to be in ?
SD:  Nice question! I would say a Disney film because I grew up singing disney, but then it would be good to do something totally different like a Lord of the Rings type sci-fi so I can get dolled up and be the first black hobbit

If you get time to watch TV what program would you video and try and catch?
SD: I don't watch much TV but when I need to unwind I watch Smallville, The Soup or America's Next Top Model

What is The Soup ?
SD: The Soup is an American comedy show on Channel E where they poke fun at other tv shows. It's hilarious.

As one of my Favourite shows is  Strictly Come Dancing , do you like the show and dancing in general?

SD: I've been meaning to get myself to a dance class because dance is great, it's so lovely to see ballroom dancing on the show.

Thanks for for all the answers Sherry !
Thats the end of the second Session of Questions , more questions will be answered soon and if you have any questions for Sherry please send them to me @TeamSherryDavis

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