Thursday, 2 May 2013

Photos: Meeting up with Sherry at Caffe Nero Camden today

Today I met up with the Fabulous Sherry Davis at Caffe Nero in Camden. Sherry is such a lovely lady with a beautiful voice. If you are nearby any of her upcoming venues, its definitely worth listening to her sing whilst enjoying a coffee or two. Oh and her CD is available to buy too :-) 

Good thinking on Sherry's part to include the CD in the photo

Photo of the Camden Caffe Nero, you can see Sherry's poster on the door if you look closely

Sherry performing in Caffe Nero, Camden. Amongst her audience was David Miliband 

After Sherry's performance we caught up over a coffee and Sherry told me of the exciting times she has ahead of her for the rest of the year, including the release of her "Star Crossed Lovers" video. 

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