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Sherry Davis Biography

Sherry Davis

Sherry Davis musings on life and the search for identity are animated, rebellious and quirky, if not a little cheeky. Her emotive vocal style is unmistakably influenced by old school blues and retro soul. Membership with Britain’s biggest gospel group, The London Community Gospel Choir taught Sherry how to perform with conviction, but after touring with LCGC in the UK and Europe she decided that she wanted to say something different by branching into pop and soul music.

Born and raised in Peckham, south east London,
Sherry spent countless hours singing with her mum’s Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Nat King Cole and Gladys Knight record sleeves on her lap. She jumped at the opportunity to learn piano at primary school, but only pupils with a keyboard or piano were allowed to join. Her mum couldn’t afford a keyboard, so Sherry lied to her teacher to get onto the course. Without an instrument to practice on, she listened to the other pupils in the lesson, and listened hard; terrified that her piano teacher might catch on that she didn’t practice. Ironically, through fear of being caught, Sherry discovered her keen ear when she sat to play pieces she heard for the first time from other pupils who played five minutes before. So when her piano teacher asked her if she had rehearsed the songs at home, she replied, ‘Yes, sir.’

Sherry’s first solo gig was an impromptu set that took place during a prison visit in her teens. The first time she entered the chapel of HMP Pentonville, an old, neglected piano caught her eye, and she decided to perform to the inmates. From then, Sherry went on to study Popular Music and Contemporary Jazz Piano at Goldsmiths University.

When it comes to expressing herself musically, Sherry feels most at home on stage with her eight piece band that have performed at various venues throughout London such as Jazz Café, CC Club, Embassy Club, Cobden Club, Blagclub, and Soho Revue Bar. Sherry and her band members have supported acts such as Noel McKoy, Incognito, Mica Paris, Erykah Badu, N Dubz and Adelaide McKenzie.

Sherry collaborates with several songwriters and artists in pop, dance and urban music. She featured on the International Rescue Album with Shlepp Records in 2008, and penned a track on the album Big Songs For Little Ones, also released in 2008, reaching number one in the Amazon music chart. Sherry also co-wrote and featured on the song ‘911’ for K-System, which is due for release in summer 2010 and will be the first single from K-System’s 3rd Album. Sherry is currently working with a team of producers on her debut EP, due for release in 2010.

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