Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sherry's New Years Eve gig in Rimini, Italy

Just had the most amaaazing lunch at the harbour in Rimini Italy :-)

A seven course Italian meal right before I sing.....asking for trouble? Whatevs, I'm goin innnnnnn

This is where I'll be singing tonight, Quartopiano restaurant. Can't wait! Thanks  for the hook up xx

Just came offstage, Happy New Year, Buon Anno!

My first tune is gonna be an mini rendition of Always There by Thanks so much for the opportunity Bluey and co :-) xx

Just touched down in London towwwnnnn :-) Rimini is like heaven! what an amazing end to 2012 and beautiful start to 2013

Il pomodoro restaurant in Rimini has amazing home grown food and it's gorgeous!

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