Friday, 25 January 2013

Behind the scenes photos from Sherry's latest photoshoot

Behind the scenes photos from Sherry's latest photo 

shoot ,can't wait to see the final photos:

Make Up Artist  

What a great day! BIG LOVE to  photography, and  you are all FABULOUS xxxx

Today's photo shoot was soooo goooood! Here's a behind the scenes pic of me and my makeup lady Alexis Day : )

Singer/Songwriter  getting her makeup 'did' by at today's photoshoot, 

Me and  cannot believe how fast the day has gone, tis such fun :-) 

My little cutie on set...  special thx to and  for AMAZE makeup products x

In the makeup chair with the darling  :-)

Jimi H music + feather adornment + a crack team = goodness   : )

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