Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sound Bounce Blog - Sherry Davis Shines Like A 'Star' On Her Debut EP



Sherry Davis Shines Like A 'Star' On Her Debut EP

Singer/songwriter Sherry Davis emerged last summer with her Omar Lye-Fookproduced cut "Ain't That Love" adding herself to the bumper crop of soul songstresses that flourish out of the UK. In between touring, Davis found time to write and record the four-track EP, Star Crossed Lovers, her first official project. Produced by Tim Hutton (who has worked with acts as varied as Groove Armada and The Prodigy), Star Crossed Lovers is the perfect showcase for Davis to present the gift that is her voice, and she does paint a charming portrait of pop-soul tracks that are just itching for replays. Davis cites being influenced by the likes of Mariah Carey and Amy Winehouse and throughoutLovers she does evoke shades of her idols. One listen to the bouncy pop-guitar opener "Can't Stay Away" as it froths poetically brings to mind the mid-'90's Carey we nostalgically crave, while "Torture You" touches on the confessional soul Winehouse achieved so well. Still Star Crossed Lovers is Davis' show, and where her influences end, she begins, to where she crafts an EP that is guaranteed to make her stand out from the typical pack of soul-pop chanteuses. Believe my case by taking a listen to the EP after the bounce, and take note that Star Crossed Lovers will be available June 3rd on iTunes.  

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