Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sherry making music up North !

Sherry Davis@SherryDMusic 20.3.12
En route to LDN. Twas a v productive and thought provoking time.

Sherry Davis@SherryDMusic
i'm havin a fab time thanks hav a great week hun xx

Sherry Davis@SherryDMusic
Sooo happy to be playing the same finger piano Corrine Bailey Rae played on a bunch of her tracks : )

Sherry Davis@SherryDMusic
Tim Hutton just listening back to his slap bass part.

Sherry Davis @SherryDMusic
Lookie the view! Now this is what i call a good writing space : )

In ze lab with Steve Chrisanthou and Tim Hutton

Sherry Davis@SherryDMusic 19.3.12
I love it when the train breaks out of the city and it's just bare fields

Sherry Davis@SherryDMusic 18.3.12
Off to the northern countryside tomorrow for some writing and recording and fresh air! Woop!

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